Web Conferencing Features

There are several easy to use features of web conferencing. Please contact Syntela at 1-866-503-1666 and a conferencing consultant will be happy to walk you through any features you have questions about.

Meeting Functions

Flash-based meeting viewer
Participants only need a web browser and Flash to attend a meeting.
Cross-platform solution
Host a meeting from a PC, Mac, or Linux computer.
Screen sharing
Show your entire desktop or a window on your desktop to all participants. Annotate a shared display. Adjust screen sharing quality.
Presentation sharing
Import a PowerPoint presentation and share it with meeting participants. Display slide thumbnails and titles in a navigation window. Annotate (and allow participants to annotate) shared slides.
Whiteboard sharing
Share an interactive whiteboard and allow anyone to draw. Support multiple whiteboards in a meeting.
Media streaming
Stream Flash videos or MP3 audios to all participants and control their playback.
Picture sharing
Share a picture with all participants and allow everyone to annotate and draw on the shared picture. Control the zooming and panning of the picture.
File transfer
Transfer desktop files to meeting participants.
Desktop snapshot
Take a desktop snapshot and send it to all participants.
Pass presenter control
Promote a participant to be a presenter during a meeting and allow the participant to control a presentation or share his screen.
Remote control
Allows a participant to control your desktop during a screen sharing session.
Chat messaging
Send text messages or web page links to meeting participants.
Participant management
View a list of meeting participants and their profiles. Give participants permission to draw on a whiteboard or a slide. Allow participants to send messages to everyone or meeting host only.

Meeting Creation and Management

Create impromptu or scheduled meetings
Instantly create and start impromptu meetings. Create a scheduled meeting and add it to your calendar.
Meeting invitations
Send meeting URL via email or IM, or simply ask a participant to join with a meeting ID.
Access control
Control meeting access with a password or to registered users only.
Personal meeting room
Create a personal meeting room for all meetings.
Customize meeting viewer
Customize meeting viewer to display your own logo, banner, and background image.
Online content library
Store presentation slides, video, and audio files in a personal content library online for accessing from any computer.
Activity reports
Activity reports log all meeting sessions, participants, and time. Export activity reports in XML or CSV formats.
User registration
Option to require user registration prior to attending a meeting. Export registered user profiles for post-meeting follow-ups.
Feedback and comments
Allow participants to post comments and feedback to your meetings.


Success Stories

Syntela’s web conferencing service provides a user friendly platform and the pricing is great. My customers no longer have to download any software in order to share documents with me and Syntela offers a monthly flat fee for unlimited usage.

Jennifer - HTCS Inc.

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