Web Conferencing FAQs

Q: Do I need to download any software to join a meeting?

A: Meeting participants can join a meeting using a web browser and without downloading any software, provided that they already have Flash Player 9 installed.

Q: Do leaders or presenters need to install any software?

A: Leaders can start a meeting using a web browser. Some meeting functions, such as screen sharing, require a presenter client. Windows users can choose to install a small program or use a Java client that does not require installation. Mac and Linux users can use the Java client.

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Q: Can I host a meeting from a Mac or Linux computer?

A: Yes, you can host a meeting, including sharing your screen, from a PC, Mac, Linux or UNIX computer.

Q: Do I need to worry about firewalls or network settings?

A: Syntela web conferencing only uses standard HTTP connections and should work with any firewall, proxy, or network settings. The optional video conferencing component requires opening a non-HTTP connection and may not work with some firewalls or proxy servers.

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Q: Can I pass the presenter control to a participant?

A: Yes. The Leader can promote one or more participants to be a presenter. The presenter can share desktop, PowerPoint slides, video, etc.

Q: Can I control a participant's desktop or allow a participant to control my desktop?

Web Conferencing FAQsA: Yes. You can both control a participant's desktop and granting control of your desktop to a participant. The person whose desktop is being controlled needs to download and install a desktop sharing program.

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Q: How many participants can I have on a web conference?

A: The technology allows for a limitless amount of participants. Note: As standard operating procedure Syntela will set every account with a 50 participant threshold for network management purposes. Please let us know if you require larger participant counts and we can lift the restriction.

Q: How much does your web conferencing cost?

A: Web conferencing is charged on a monthly basis. Please contact a Conferencing Consultant to discuss pricing options.

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Syntela’s web conferencing service provides a user friendly platform and the pricing is great. My customers no longer have to download any software in order to share documents with me and Syntela offers a monthly flat fee for unlimited usage.

Jennifer - HTCS Inc.

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