Video Conferencing Features

Flash-based meeting viewer

Participants only need a web browser, Flash and video camera to attend a meeting.

Cross-platform solution

Host a meeting from a PC, Mac, or Linux computer.

Number of Participants

You can have up to 50 participants on a video conference; however, there is a maximum of 12 webcam windows open with full-duplex voice over IP. The Leader can choose any 12 people from the participants to show their webcam. The video window size and bandwidth are adjustable and can support high-def video.

Leader Control

The Leader may select a participant and open his or her webcam window. The participant has the option to allow or deny the request to open the webcam window. If the participant does not have a webcam, the video part of the window will not be visible but the microphone part of the window will still function.


The webcam window also includes voice over IP. If you are already on an audio conference call, you should click on the Microphone icon in the webcam window to mute the microphone so you don’t hear echo. Click on the Webcam or Microphone Settings icon to select the camera or microphone devices attached to your computer.


You can resize, minimize, move, and maximize the webcam windows. The Leader can control all participant’s webcam windows. The webcam windows are automatically minimized when a presentation or screen sharing is started. To restore the window, simply click on the minimized video window.

Easy Drop Down Menu

You can click on the drop-down menu icon next to the webcam icon to display a list of options for controlling the webcam windows.

Success Stories

Syntela’s web conferencing service provides a user friendly platform and the pricing is great. My customers no longer have to download any software in order to share documents with me and Syntela offers a monthly flat fee for unlimited usage.

Jennifer - HTCS Inc.

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