Meet with colleagues, partners or customers face to face without leaving your office.

Video ConferencingSyntela redefines the meeting experience with video conferencing. Imagine having the ability to read facial expressions and body language while collaborating with co-workers, business partners and customers, - without ever leaving your desk.

Syntela Video Conferencing offers the most interactive experience for people meeting over distance. It is easy to implement and allows you to focus on your communications, content and emotional connections, not the technology you are using.

With Syntela Video Conferencing you will experience the best of both worlds - all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting combined with all the benefits of a virtual meeting.

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Success Stories

Syntela’s web conferencing service provides a user friendly platform and the pricing is great. My customers no longer have to download any software in order to share documents with me and Syntela offers a monthly flat fee for unlimited usage.

Jennifer - HTCS Inc.