Syntela has a tremendous technological advantage over its competition in that its entire product line is built on the latest web 2.0 IP architecture. It is far less expensive to build, manage and scale than circuit switched architectures which most, if not all, of its competitors are built on in whole or partially. This technology will allow us to compete and exceed customer’s expectations from a security, reliability, availability, price and product feature standpoint. It will allow us to scale our product usage and customer base very quickly and efficiently and expand our scope in product mix and geography.

Syntela’s audio, web and video conferencing provide a place to reliably and securely exchange critical information.

Our Network consists of the following:

  • Load balancing and high availability services at both the audio, web and database tier. This provides both high performance and high availability so that no single point of failure exists in the system.
  • Geographic redundancy to provide offsite mirroring and failover.
  • Real time database replication between local mirror and off-site mirror for advanced data protection.
  • 100 Gigabit per second capable network with redundant connections from Tier-1 providers including completely redundant core network equipment/connectivity.
  • State of the art data center with backup power, redundant cooling and security system.
  • Comprehensive Security, including Managed Firewall, Intrusion detection and a hardened PHP environment to thwart hacker attacks.
  • System and application performance monitoring and tuning by our engineers.
  • Automated and redundant 24/7/365 monitoring of the audio, web and video servers for proper functionality and responsiveness. When any level of service is compromised there will be an automatic notification to our expert team.
  • In depth performance tracking and analysis to identify and solve application problems before they happen.

Syntela’s products are the easiest to use in the industry and the technology puts the controls in the hands of the user with an easy to use web interface:

  • No software downloads required for participants of a web collaboration session
  • Customizable applications
  • Customizable billing
  • Multiple reporting and analysis options

Combine Syntela’s technology with an innovative approach to customer service and you will begin to understand the new industry standard we created as our benchmark. Syntela diligently executes a strategy of service excellence, providing our customers with direct access to engineering support, timely, accurate, and proactive notification regarding our services.