Syntela Differentiators

SYNTELA is CONFERENCING in its purest form - CONFERENCING is all we do.

Syntela’s success is based on understanding customer’s needs and implementing conferencing solutions that best support their business. Our goal is to free our customers to focus on their company’s message, while we concentrate on the technology and logistics of delivering that message. We provide a portfolio of world-class collaboration solutions that benefit our customer’s organizations on a daily basis. In addition, companies of all sizes choose Syntela Conferencing as their communications solution because:

One Source

As a single source for audio, web and video conferencing; Syntela Conferencing enables you to consolidate services so you manage one vendor with one point of accountability.

Syntela DifferentiatorsPersonalized Approach

Conducting business should be about relationships, not just transactions. Syntela believes in a consultative approach to customized solutions; which allows us to understand a company’s needs and work to offer a conferencing solution which best fits their business goals; helps them overcome their business obstacles; and compliments their working environment. Syntela believes in ongoing relationships that evolve as their customer’s businesses change.

Our customer’s have the following Syntela Resources at their disposal:

  • Syntela Account Executive:
    A dedicated Account Executive will offer customized solutions of audio, web, and video collaboration based on specific needs.
  • Syntela Account Development Manager:
    A dedicated Account Development Manager will meet with conferencing users to work on the transition plan, conduct training, implement user guides and provide ongoing customer support.
  • Syntela Customer Support:
    A team of Customer Service Representatives are available to answer ongoing questions and provide support.
  • Syntela Technical Support:
    Syntela Technical Support is available to answer questions from a technical standpoint.

Ease of Use

Syntela offers easy access to its solutions through a web portal which enables customers to use its applications directly from their computer, phone, or wireless device.

Syntela’s conferencing solutions are available on-demand, no reservations needed.
*Except for Operator Assisted Audio Conference calls which are monitored by a Syntela Customer Service Representative at the customer’s request (additional charges apply.)

Advanced Technology Platform

Syntela delivers state of the art technology built on the latest web 2.0 IP architecture. Because we are focused only on conferencing; we consistently exceed our customer’s expectations from a security, reliability, availability, and product feature standpoint.

Competitive Pricing

Syntela’s customers are not burdened with the up-front expense associated with purchasing or installing the hardware and software associated with conferencing products. We host the equipment and applications in secure carrier-class facilities with redundant power supplies and network connections for our customers.

Furthermore, Syntela is continuously researching and implementing new solutions that lower our cost of doing business, and we are able to translate those savings to our customers. With no old Circuit Switched Network to support, Syntela can offer a price competitive solution to its customers.

Unbeatable ROI

Syntela returns control to our customers over their most precious and costly resource - time. They can now invest time more wisely, both with their own customers and employees, instead of spending time in delays and travel. Our customer’s are able to shrink decision cycles and times to market; and pursue new business opportunities by delivering faster, more efficient customer and partner interactions. Their employees are able to collaborate without boarding a plane or driving a car to fill these needs.