Syntela Benefits

Large companies and international enterprises are not the only businesses that need conferencing solutions. In a global economy, businesses of all sizes need to support geographically dispersed and mobile workers to enhance teamwork. With Syntela Conferencing your meetings are secure and private with participants across town or around the world.

Syntela Conferencing enables business transformation through quicker collaborative decision-making, cutting carbon emissions and cost through travel reduction, strengthening employee work/life balance and increasing business continuity.

Reduce Travel Costs

How much is it actually costing you to attend meetings at another location?

We know that sometimes you need to meet face-to-face with other people, but not always.

  • How much money could you save if you simply avoided shuffling among planes, trains, automobiles, hotels and conference centers?
  • How much time would you and your employees save if it didn't have to take hours or days just to arrive at a meeting?
  • How much more could you accomplish if all of your meeting participants brought, or could quickly get, everything they needed for a meeting?
  • How much does it cost in salaries alone to fly a group of executives in your organization to a meeting overseas?

Syntela Conferencing is the answer to your questions.

Conferencing brings all the benefits of a physical meeting at a fraction of the per-meeting cost. You'll find that employees will travel less because they can connect with colleagues across town or across the globe at a moment's notice. With all the time and money you can save, can you think of something different to invest in, that would provide better returns?

Strengthen Collaborative Teaming

Does travel reduce your ability to respond and compete effectively?

Your ability to quickly and effectively collaborate with others in your organization or valued business partners is the key to developing competitive value. The mix of advanced technologies deployed in our solution is a new combination which allows you to finally achieve the promise of an integrated conferencing solution. Use our conferencing solutions to manage the transfer of knowledge; capture and playback ideas created during meetings; gain time-to-market advantage by reducing the amount of time required to launch new product and service offerings.

Imagine meeting without hours or days of travel between brainstorming sessions. Syntela Conferencing can help you create a more responsive, effective organization that results in significant reductions in product development and time-to-market ...all without sacrificing the voice and image of your company.

Business Transformation

What could your organization become if you removed travel limits and boundaries?

It's simply too expensive and complex for everyone in your organization to travel. But what if they could? How might your products, services, employees -- and customers -- benefit?

Think of Syntela Conferencing as a way to remove boundaries established by time and place. Now you can extend your organization to touch every location through Syntela Meetings with the most effective and natural virtual experience available in the market to-date.

Employee Work / Life Balance

Give your executives a way to run your organization without sitting on runways.

It's a fact of life for most employees that doing their job and getting ahead brings more time commuting and less time communicating. Our solution returns control of their single most important resource - time. Instead of spending time in delays and travel, now they can invest time more wisely, both in their organizations... and with their families.

Corporate Governance / Decision Making

Increase decision-making transparency and improve organizational governance.

Smart corporate governance is a tool for economic development. And it's also a compliance requirement for many companies under Sarbanes Oxley and a host of other regulations. One way to improve corporate governance is to facilitate quicker, more effective board-level meetings -- and that's where conferencing shines. With Syntela Conferencing, you can enable stronger, more transparent decision-making among your CEO, board of directors, management and other invested shareholders.

Business Continuity

The same solution that gives you productive meetings also gives you peace-of-mind.

Following a disaster or disruption to your business, your ability to quickly recover and manage operations can spell the difference between long-term success and failure. Increase your company's disaster preparedness and strengthen business continuity with a conferencing solution that integrates redundancy with global collaboration at a moment's notice.

Carbon Reduction

Hold more meetings with more people and still reduce your carbon footprint.

We can help you meet your reduced carbon emissions requirements or aspirations, while still holding important meetings – globally, regionally or locally. See how a Syntela Meeting can drastically reduce your company’s carbon footprint.