Green Initiatives

Global business trends are driving enterprises toward greener business practices. Sustainability, energy efficiency, conservation, and innovation are fast becoming the watchwords of the 21st century. How that translates into the evolution of the enterprise will affect all facets of an organization. Conferencing can help lead the charge via a number of tools: virtual workspaces, mobility, energy efficient infrastructure, and smart choices for day-to-day operations such as paperless billing.

The benefits of the green revolution are many- chief among them, improved care for the environment we all share. Better environmental stewardship can enhance brand profile and increase employee satisfaction. The inherent efficiencies help lower costs, and the emphasis on new solutions and innovation can provide an impetus for a leaner, more creative and competitive company.

Recognizing travel as one of the largest sources of carbon emissions, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to the savings in time, cost and CO2 with the productivity gains of virtual meetings as an alternative to in-person meetings.

Let Syntela Conferencing show you how it can help your company reduce its Carbon Footprint while still holding important meetings - globally, regionally or locally.