About Us

Syntela About UsCompany Genesis

Syntela was founded by Dino & Jeannie Dimkopoulos recognizing that existing conferencing service providers were failing to respect the most important factor in the longevity of any business - world class customer service. Our competitors feel pushing their customers to their websites for self service is customer service... We feel customer service is performed by our people with the right web tools!

The name of the Company was derived by combining the letters and meanings of two words which form the foundation of what the Company allows its customers to do. "SYN" comes from the Greek word Syndeo which means connect or collaborate and "TEL" which is part of the word intelligence. "SYNTELA" - "Connect Intelligently". The Company implements best of breed conferencing and collaboration technologies into its network and allows its customers access to the network in an on-demand model.

Company Profile

Syntela is a provider of on-demand conferencing and collaboration services that helps businesses and government agencies connect their people, business partners, and customers any time, any place. Syntela’s platform delivers multiple industry and job-specific business applications in an on-demand model, meaning customers are not burdened with the up-front expense associated with purchasing or installing hardware and software. Syntela hosts its equipment and applications in secure carrier-class facilities with redundant power supplies and network connections. We offer the following services to our customers:

Corporate Mission

Syntela’s mission is to be the most employee and customer-focused conferencing service provider.

Corporate Imperatives

Speed, innovation and excellence in solutions development, delivery and support.

Guiding Principles

  • Build Trust & Credibility
  • Create Culture of Open Communications
  • Set Metrics & Report Results Accurately
  • Be Loyal
  • Do the Right Thing