Audio Conferencing Features

Control Call Parameters with Easy User Web Interface

Syntela audio conferencing makes it easy for you to conduct conference calls. It's easy because it puts control into your hands, using a simple web interface, for all aspects of your conference account. You can use this web interface to create new conferencing accounts, to adjust the parameters for any of your conferencing accounts, and to access real-time reports to see who is on your calls.

Easy to use features available on telephone keypad


The following keys are available during a standard reservationless conference call by using your keypad. Syntela also allows you the flexibility to change the control keys to meet your individual company needs or to help with the transition of your service.

General Leader Controls:

General Participant Controls:

Operator Assisted

Are you planning a large call and need help scheduling and facilitating the call? Simply call Syntela at 1-866-503-1666 or 315-636-4440 to schedule an Operator Assisted Conference call.

Your dedicated operator will:

  • Meet and greet all participants and professionally announce the start of the call.
  • Operator will monitor the call to ensure quality of all lines connected.
  • Syntela will provide a list of all the participants who attended the call immediately following the call.

Seamlessly add web and video to your audio call

Syntela offers enhancements to your audio call including web and video conferencing.

Learn more about Web ConferencingLearn more about Video Conferencing

Success Stories

Syntela Conferencing has superior customer support! A Syntela representative trained our company on the best way to utilize audio conferencing within our individual departments. We now are educated on the most cost effective way to use the service.

Mike - Fitness Forum Physical Therapy

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