Audio Conferencing FAQs

Q: How do I schedule a Reservationless call?

A: No reservations are required with Reservationless calling. You will receive a permanent calling number and passcode and this is the number you have available for conference calls anytime. Simply send your participants the call detail and have them call in at the designated time.

Q: How do i start my Reservationless call if I am the leader?

A: To start your call, simply:

  1. Dial your designated Reservationless number.
  2. You will be greeted and asked to enter your passcode followed by the # sign.
  3. You will then be entered into your call.

Q: How do participants join my Reservationless call?

A: For participants to join your call, simply have them:

  1. Dial the Reservationless dial-in number at the specified time.
  2. Enter their participant passcode followed by #.
  3. They will be entered into the call.

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Q: How many participants can I have on a Reservationless call?

A: The technology allows for a limitless amount of participants. Note: As standard operating procedure Syntela will set every account with a 100 participant threshold for network management purposes. Please let us know if you require larger participant counts and we can lift the restriction.

Q: Do I need special equipment to attend a conference call?

A: No special equipment is needed for conference calling, you simply need a telephone.

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Q: If I cannot remember my conference passcode, what do I do?

Audio Conferencing FAQsA: If you are the Leader of the call, you have 2 options:

  1. You can access this information from the MY ACCOUNT page on
  2. Call Syntela at 1-866-503-1666 or 315-636-4440 and Customer Support can help locate your information.

If you are a Participant of the call, you have 2 options:

  1. Simply contact the individual who set up the call and they can resend you the number and passcode.
  2. Call Syntela at 1-866-503-1666 or 315-636-4440 and Customer Support can help locate your information.

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Q: What are the Reservationless features available via my telephone keypad?

A: General Leader Controls:

  • *2 (C)= Lock/Unlock Conference
  • *3 (D)= Dial out to another participant
  • *4 (H)= Help
  • *5 (L)= Lecture Mode
  • *6 (M)= Mute Me Toggle
  • *7 (R)= Start/Stop Recording
  • *8 (T) = Roll Call

General Participant Controls:

  • *6 (M) = Mute Me Toggle

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Q: What can I do to try and get the best quality conference call?

A: The following ar suggested “best practices” for audio conference calls:

  • Try not to use a speakerphone.
  • Always try and mute your line when you are not active in a call (*6).
  • Utilize a LAN line whenever possible.
  • Avoid headsets as much as possible.

Q: If my Reservationless call started and I want to add a participant, can I do this?

A: Yes, simply press * 3 and this will allow you to dial out to an additional participant.

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